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Pasadena Facility Overview

Trecora is a leading manufacturer of specialty synthetic waxes and also provides custom processing services from its 27.5 acre plant located in the heart of the petrochemical industry in Pasadena, Texas. Trecora Chemical provides custom manufacturing, distillation, blending, forming and packaging of finished and intermediate products and wax products for coatings, hot melt adhesives and lubricants. Situated near the Houston Ship Channel, the facility allows for easy access to international shipping and direct loading to rail or truck. The location is within reach of major chemical pipelines and on-site access to a steam pipeline and dedicated hydrogen line create a platform for expansion of both wax production capacity and custom processing capabilities. We manufacture a variety of hard, high melting point, low to medium viscosity polyethylene wax products along with a wide range of other waxes and lubricants. These products are used in a variety of applications including performance additives for hot melt adhesives; penetration and melting point modifiers for paraffin and microcrystalline waxes; lubrication and processing aides for plastics, PVC, rubber; and dry stir-in additives for inks. In oxidized forms, applications also include use in textile emulsions.

Trecora also provides turnkey custom manufacturing services including quality assurance, transportation and process optimization. The plant has high vacuum distillation capability for the separation of temperature sensitive materials. We have a fully equipped laboratory and pilot plant facility and a highly trained, technically proficient team of engineers and chemists suited to handle the rapid deployment of new custom processes and development of new wax products. Trecora’s custom manufacturing services provide a range of specialized capabilities to chemical and industrial customer including synthesis, distillation, forming and propoxylation in addition to a number of other chemical processes.