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Trecora LLC

Environmental, Health and Safety

Trecora recognizes that we have a responsibility to conduct our business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for our employees, neighbors and customers. We view good product stewardship not only as a required business practice but also as a necessary commitment of good corporate citizenship. This begins by complying with all laws and regulations and continues as we strive to improve our environmental, health, and safety systems each day.

We achieve such goals by incorporating environmental, health and safety values in all aspects of our business. Each employee at Trecora has a defined role and responsibility to insure that we protect the environment and the safety of all our stakeholders.

We demonstrate these values to our stakeholders by our actions and commitment to attaining these goals and by reporting our performance against our goals and objectives.

Trecora is committed to the precepts in the ChemStewards™ Code and strives for continual improvement through the implementation of ChemStewards Management System.