Silsbee, TX - Specialty Chemicals

Since its beginning in 1955, the Silsbee facility has progressed through several stages to emerge as a strongly competitive specialty petrochemical processor.

With over 65 years of experience the company is now the industry leader in product quality and service to the customer.

Quality is the focal point. Since July of 1987 all our products have been produced under Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Testing of the feedstock, intermediate, and final products is done meticulously in our own laboratories at each stage of the manufacturing and delivery process.

A smaller but historically steady segment of the business has been the toll processing and product development work that has been done for others in the industry. The wide variety of available equipment and the ready source of good quality hydrogen has enabled us to assist others with their particular needs. Past and present customers include almost every major oil company and many chemical companies. We are known for our ability to act quickly and for flexibility in meeting the customer's needs.