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- Custom Processing

Silsbee Facility
Custom Processing and Tolling Processing Services

Our custom processing customers receive the same unparalleled service as our petrochemical customers. We provide storage of their end-product in dedicated tanks for future delivery rather than insisting they take delivery immediately upon completion of the project.

Trecora’s custom processing capabilities have been recognized as superior by many of our country’s leading petrochemical manufacturers. Some of the reasons for this are unmatched flexibility, speed of implementation, and cost effectiveness.

The end benefit is new a product being brought to market at a fraction of the cost and time than had it been processed at the customer’s facility; or, on the other hand, the rapid realization that an unproven procedure will not yield the required design performance. Lowering our customers’ financial risk and allowing a greater return on their investment are bottom-line reasons for our growth in the custom processing arena.

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